We take care of women, from delivery to elderly. Our services are provided in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere, while listening and caring for each of your individual concerns and medical issues.

You will benefit from my broad clinical experience and knowledge of current scientific standards. Our services include the treatment and consultation of teenagers, regular check-ups, prenatal diagnostics and Anti-Aging. Additionally we provide general operative gynecology, minimal invasive operative gynecology and oncological treatment.

At München Tal 6, in Munichs city centre I see self-pay and private patients only. In Gauting and Gräfelfing I can welcome all patients. The practice in Gauting, next to my own house, is handicapped accessible.

The hospital is located in the center of Munich, Nymphenburg Str. 1 and guarantees a 24-hour specialist attendance.

The operating theaters are equipped with the latest technology. Professional nurses and caregivers provide a friendly atmosphere, answering your questions and wishes.

I am also taking care of patients at Augustinum München – Stiftsklinik – Akademisches Lehrkrankenhaus der LMU München in Großhadern, Wolkerweg.

Our teams speaks and understands multiple languages and can assist with all of your needs: English, French, Hungarian, Spanish, Arab.

We provide an established network, collaborating with distinct specialists:

  • Reproductive medicine: Noss, Popovici and Kuhlmann
  • Genetics: Nevinny-Stickel
  • Naturopathic medicine: Schulte-Uebbing
  • Plastic Surgery: Schulze-Eilfing
  • Oral surgery: Tilo Bartels
  • Urology: Dr.Thomas Stadler and urological clinic: Planegg: Oberneder / Kriegmaier
  • Surgery: PD Dr. G. Meyer und Dr. L. Axt
  • Rheumatology: J. Knitza


  • Munich city centre practice – privat patiens / self-pay only – 80331 München, Tal 6
  • Gauting practice – privat patiens / self-pay only – 82131 Gauting, Bergstr. 3
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5th Edition:Torso
Manual Geburtshilfe
Knitza, R.
Schulze, K.
Schwerin, A.
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